Afrimac International

We are a real estate company offering a variety of real estate services in Kenya; rental, Management and sale of residential and commercial property since 2016

Property Sales
Our entire focus is on getting the best result for our clients and ensuring the process runs smoothly along the way. Buying or selling property can be a complicated and overwhelming process. We understand the stresses and emotions involved in buying a property, and we use all of our experience to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and we do everything we can to achieve the very best result for you. To make sure we’re constantly improving, we ask for feedback after every sale and we are proud of our near 100% client satisfaction rate.

Property Leasing/Rental/Letting
Afrimac International is your one stop firm for all your property rental needs. Whatever your rental need, we have a wide selection to choose from. We take the time to really understand your circumstances and requirements, and we support you with the responsibilities that come with the tenancy.

When finding property to rent, there’s a lot for you to consider before taking the time to go for a viewing; what’s the local area like, and what are the transport links? Those with children will want to know about schools and young professionals may want to find out more about the local social scene. Everyone likes to have options, but narrowing them down isn’t as simple as you may hope which is why we provide expert renting advice whenever it is needed.)

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